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In God’s Eyes we are all equal

Our Sisters of St.Dominic Congregation are in charge of Home for small Children, Boys, and Teenagers with physical and emotional problems in Broniszewice (small village in Poland).
For most of them this is the only home they know and we, the Sisters, are the only family. Some are physically disabled, others have illnesses like autism, epilepsy, impaired circulatory and respiratory condition. At this time we have 56 children. In one group we have 9 Boys who can’t get up from beds by themselves. Others will never have contact with outside world or hear people. Like all children, they hope that their wishes will be fulfilled.
Because of them, we are asking for financial help. We are in a difficult financial situation and are unable to buy any extras except basic necessities. Any help from You would be greatly appreciated by us and the Boys who have a difficult life. The building where our Boys live is an old 19thcentury palace that requires constant repairs, maintenance, and renovations. Since the building is entered in the register of monuments renovations require special terms and proper selection of materials which are very expensive. We have to enlarge our Home but don’t have enough budget for it. The building is small: the part of the building for Boys who are in beds only and wheelchairs doesn’t have living room for them. Our Chapel which is on the second floor is one of the larger rooms and functions as our Chapel, theater room, dining room, recreation and meeting room. Another problem we have is the roof – after strong winds we lost old roof and the chimney. The roof has been replaced but is leaking after heavy rains, especially now in winter. We would like to give our Boys safe and dignified Home they deserve.

God Bless You for Your help. We will remember You in our prayers.

                                                             Dominican Sisters with the Boys

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